Learn SQL For Data Analysis – From Zero To Hero

Over this series of articles, I’ll take you from SQL Zero To SQL Hero in record time.

What will you learn about SQL?

You’ll learn what SQL is and how to harness it’s mighty power to your will with only a few “select” commands.

(SQL in-joke alert).

By the end of this series, you’ll have learned how to start using SQL to really power your data analysis career on to the next level.

How important is SQL?

Regular readers will know that I value SQL as the most fundamental of all skills for data analysis. I’ve written so extensively about it in articles on this site and in replies to questions from aspiring analysts that I feel obliged to put this series together.

There really is no substitute for learning the basics of SQL to give yourself a head-start over the rest of the job seeking, career building data analyst hordes.

No hyperbole. No exaggeration. Accept NO substitutes.

OK. Time’s a wastin’ so let’s get stuck in.

Learn SQL For Data Analysis

Table Of Contents.

#1: What Is SQL?

#2: The SELECT Statement

#3: The WHERE Clause

#4: SQL Functions - COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG

#5: The UPDATE Statement

#6: The INSERT INTO Statement

#7: The DELETE Statement

#8: SQL Joins

Wrapping Up.

And with that, we wrap up our whistle-stop tour through the main building blocks of SQL.

They don’t seem much on their own but if you master these commands you’ve added a genuine data superpower.

You can make a very VERY good career for yourself from learning the SELECT statement on it’s own.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds/Euros (insert favourite currency here) over the course of a few years if you play your cards right. If that doesn’t get your attention and focus the mind then I’m not sure what will.

Next Steps.

Go back over the articles and drop me a mail if you have any questions. I’m not blowing it up when I say learning SQL is the single most important step you can take to building a long lasting career in data analysis.

This is only the first step and I’d love to be able to help as many people as I can take it. Then watch them keep on taking those steps all the way to their ultimate career goals. It’s within reach. I promise.

Super FREE Bonus Material

I’ve put together an excellent Learn SQL For Data Analysis cheatsheet. It covers all of the main commands, keywords and functions you’ll need to use your new SQL superpower in your day to day analysis.

Learn SQL For Data Analysis Cheatsheet

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