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Is Social Media a Ranking Factor for SEO? Pro SEO Agency View

Part of the reason SEO agencies in Sydney (and other places) have issues is the impact of social media on search engine results. In other words, can you depend on social media as a ranking factor for your site on Google? 

While there are millions of content flying around the internet, getting your content to the right audience is not tricky. Whether social media affects your SEO comes before how it does affect it.

 We may not also get all SEO agencies to agree on the amount of influence social media has on your ranking. But it is sure that the links and content you share across social media platforms enhance your brand exposure. 

Is Social Media a Ranking Factor for SEO? Pro SEO Agency View

How does social media Influence your SEO?

There are six different ways that the use of social media can be of positive influence. Let us check them out carefully.

  1. Social media can retain your content for a long time to come, thereby giving a longer lifespan to your posts
  2. Extensive content distribution to a broad audience
  3. In addition, you can enhance your brand reputation and recognition with social media
  4. Increase your online visibility and subsequently organic traffic with social media
  5. Social media is great for local SEO services

While social media may not be an official factor for SEO algorithms, they generate positive signals for your audience to look in your direction. Moreover, as more people share your content, it generates positive energy that indicates that your content is helpful to your target audience. 

So, Google (and I’m afraid other search engines) don’t count social media. But could it be a coincidence that the best-ranking pages have the most social media shares? 

Impact of Social Media on Example – an Example

We have shown that the positive signals that your social media posts generate can indirectly influence your overall SEO. Suppose these signals continue in large numbers through the massive following, engagements including shares. In that case, the long-term result is growing traffic. 

SEO agencies know this secret as one way to grow dependable traffic over time. Do you need Proof? published an article on the unhealthiest foods on Facebook, and it went viral.

  • The article had above 31,500 shares on Facebook
  • It had more than 34,280 comments
  • Finally, over 68,000 people liked the post

Do you want to know the result of the ranking? That article went from wherever to the number one on the Google result page for many keywords. And of all the keywords, the first place term was unhealthiest foods. At that point, you know that it attracted more and more backlinks. 

So, when your site accumulates thousands of likes, shares, comments in addition to backlinks, it is easier to rank higher in SERPs. Therefore, we can boldly say a positive correlation between social media and your site SEO. Meanwhile, this route requires quality content and consistency. Click here to read about SERPs.

How does an SEO Agency use Social Media?

By now, you have already learned that SEO Agencies don’t just pick any social media channel and pump in posts. Instead, social media tools are essential because they support the main factors that drive quality traffic to your site. Moreover, this influence remains consistently profitable. 

Moreover, take note of the word ‘social,’ which means that as one user gets the content, he can share it with others. So, when you successfully win one person’s attention, he becomes an advocate or social brand ambassador for your business. 

At the same time, this journey is not by magic; it requires providing value for each person that encounters your brand. Moreover, as you continue to do so, the circle of influence continues to grow bigger. However, note that social media content is not just about text only. Still, other types of content are perhaps even more helpful. You can share

  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Captions
  • Podcasts
  • Videos 
Is Social Media a Ranking Factor for SEO? Pro SEO Agency View

Social Media Pathway to Driving SEO Traffic

In addition, using these multiple content types to pass the same overall message drive more leads to your brand. After knowing what to share, you should learn to distribute them appropriately to reach your target audience. The social signals that you generate from content spreading or marketing also improve the credibility of your site. 

Furthermore, are there signals that show that social media marketing can improve the SEO of sites? Below are some crucial factors

  • Spread the valuable content of your site on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. 
  • These contents help your site gain more traction, reach a wider audience and thereby generate more backlinks. Remember that backlinks represent one of the most crucial ranking factors.
  • Remember to build quality into your content to boost your brand community
  • Also, your social media content quality and consistency can boost brand reputation and credibility
  • Generating numerous links through social media can improve your site indexation by Google
  • In turn, this indexation can lead to more traffic generation, leading to higher rankings on Google

If there is a take-away from this article, let it be that you can begin to create and share helpful content. As your audience sees them, they can continue to share the posts. And the more social shares you get, the more influence your site can have for the positive signals towards traffic generation.  Visit to read about Keyword Research Guide: How SEO Agencies Get Better Results.

So, Is Social Media a Google Ranking Factor?

According to the arguments above, social media is officially NOT a ranking factor on Google Search Engine Results or any other. However, practically speaking, social media indirectly remains a crucial and longstanding factor that influences another direct factor in building SEO. 

What do I mean? According to Pro SEO agencies, research has proven that SEO correlates positively with other direct essential elements of SEO. Therefore, while you look at ways to get more from social media to build a successful brand for business growth, think beyond this factor to others. Perhaps, you also need an SEO agency to make that work; contact Pi for professional SEO.